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Successful opening for Bewo

BEWO- opening ceremony

At the end of 2014 we have moved to a new building in Waalwijk, the Netherlands. With a festive ceremony we have opened our new building officially. The new location in Waalwijk is more spacious, has modern facilities and because the building is located directly to a major highway Bewo has increased their accessibility. Bewo is the Dutch developer and producer of the very strong manual circular saw, the Bewo CPO, and the high performance automatic tube cutting lines.

For the opening ceremony we deliberately chose not to cut the traditional ribbon. The new building was opened by cutting a long tube instead. Of course the tube was cut on our own Bewo CPO-315. All employees were allowed to cut a piece of the tube. After the cutting the tube dropped which cleared the path for the guests to enter the building.
During the opening we gave comprehensive demo’s on one of our automatic cutting lines, existing out of the cutting machine DCH-76 Sapphire with deburring machine and stacking robot. This universal cutting machine is renowned for its extreme high production speed and the effortless double production even with tubes of different starting lengths. This specific cutting line will be exported to a client in Mexico. The end products of this Mexican customer are mainly destined for automotive industry.

As Operations Manager Frans van Gorp said: “Dealers and customers can turn to us for the best cutting machines and for training, advise and specific technical support. Worldwide we pursuit growth with our excellent customer service, innovation, high quality and collaborations. For the world market all of this comes together in Bewo’s new building. With the new location in Waalwijk we have found a good place for making our ambitions come true. We are ready for an innovative future!”